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hi, im Daniel and I’m gonna talk about my podcast.

the name of the book was: a series of unfortunate events by lemony snicket

I enjoyed the book because I like the drama and the “unfortunate events”

I enjoyed making the Banana podcast with my friends Josh and XTmad

what do I think I should do better next time: make funnier ads and act like wealthy businessmen

how would I use podcasting in the future? In science of course!


if you want to watch the banana podcasts…click there!

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this is number 2


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number four 



Innovation blog. started this on 1:58 pm, Thursday march 9th 2023

HELLO WORLD!!!! I am here today to tell you about my innovation Day project. We were asked to build a medieval castle with a working drawbridge.

Medieval Information:

the people in the middle ages thought they were modern just like we do but someday we also probably won’t be modern. the middle ages has a period of time between ancient and modern.

some of the most successful barbarians were the Germanic tribes, the black death is a disease or what the empire used to call it, THE PLAGUE, it killed about 1 third of the population in Europe

in this period of time aside from THE PLAGUE people started developing unique architecture specifically castles and churches the castles had a series of small buildings, so kind of like a tiny town, for added protection some castles were protected by moats. most of the castles also have drawbridges so knights can’t just walk by. the king and queen were not exactly comfy inside these walls the castle is supposed to keep them safe not comfortable. also, I’m gonna need to use gears at some point and I need a good structure to ensure the building is stable.


What is a pulley: A pulley is, most of the time something that is used in castles or anything that has moving piece that you need to move on a string. I can pull the string and this is called the force when the load is pulled up, it is easier for me because of the pulley. these are simple machines that help us in life.

What is a gears: A gear is rotating object with ‘teeth’ that grapple onto other gears to make movement. an example of a gear, as seen in my castle, lifting the flag of Israel!


a drawbridge is a door that is very big and is most of the time controlled by a pulley. drawbridges were a defense tool, mostly surrounded by a moat or ditch. and a draw bridge might be removed or destroyed after it’s attacked

Here are some pictures and videos of the castles and drawbridges from the medieval times

Medieval Ashford castle and gardens – Co. Mayo – Ireland



My Hypothesis:

(Sorry there is no sound!) My hypothesis was that I would build one pulley that would raise the drawbridge and it would be protected by a moat.


Pictures of my build:

Final result:

Self assessment

I loved this project because first of all i got to add crocodiles and I love reptiles. I enjoyed learning about the black plague because it is interesting that one tiny virus can go all around Europe and a bit more and wiped out about half of the pollution. this was interesting for me. building the castle was probably my favourite part because i like putting things together – it is kind of like Lego. If I did this again, I would change the harpoon and make it bigger and maybe make more.

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Hi, Scales here! Today I’m going to tell you about my stop-motion project in class.

My task was simple…kind of, I was tasked with re-creating a scene from a book called The Wild Robot. We choose the scene about…

We choose this scene because it included: the part where Roz was coming out of her box

so we think that was the most important part of the book

Pre-production: here are some pictures of the script:

Pre-production: here is a picture from the storyboard plan

Pre-production: here is the set design

(insert image)


Here is our Stop Motion film:


book report:

Book: The Brixton Brothers


Answers from page 1

Title: The BRIXTON BROTHERs –  The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity

Author: Mac Barnett

Number of pages:179




Q: Where does the story take place?

A: The story takes place in America.


Q: when does the story happen?

A:There is no answer about when the story happened, I didn’t notice any timelines, i googled it as well and I didn’t find any timeline. 




Q: What was the main problem in the story ? 

A: The main problem in the story was finding the Maguffin Quilt


Q:How was the problem resolved

A: Steve simply solved the problem by watching mrs gifeathers every move, Steve realized that miss gillfeather is mr.e and he figured it out because he understood that she wanted him to find the quilt and give it to her when he gives her the book.


Q:List the main events thet happened in the story.

A:  Steve checks out a book from the library for an essay and all the sudden is chased by men in black and then start shooting him with guns, then, he finds himself in a mystery about the book he checked out, steve realized that his identity has been mistaken and is being chased by both the police, librarians and criminals, then he asks his freind dana to help him and investigate the truth together, they were avoiding dangerous situations and they all so solve riddles, and they keep going even and try to find the maguffin quilt, steve nd dana understand the truth about the book and they found the maguffin quilt and regain there identities


Q: what i liked and disliked about the book


 A: what i really liked about the book is the fact that librarians are part of a secret society and that steve is a detective and he does all kinds of crazy stuff on his adventure the book made me laugh (the book contains the secret recipe of heinz ketchup) and  i was laughing till the very end of the book and also steves problem solving skill are insane.


Honestly i have nothing to dislike about the book, it was fun to read this book and i really just have nothing bad to say or dislike about this book.



Social Studies Project: Yukon

Israel Project

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